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Location:  Newark ,New Jersey


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Crystal Sampson

My experience with Keisha, was truly amazing. Keisha, consistently displayed professional knowledge and diligence that helped keep me on the right track to a healthy life style. A dedicated proffesional, I could not have asked for a better supporter! And by sharing her success story she is a true inspiration and encouraging leader.  Thank you Keisha, your professionalism and consistent support meant everything to me!!!

Tamiko Harrison

I had an awesome experience doing the "10 Day Green Smoothie Cleanse" with Keisha and her group! I could not have asked for a more encouraging person to lead a group! Although this was not my first time doing the "10 Day Green Smoothie Cleanse," it was time to do it again. I've been about this "Green Smoothie Life" for 15 months now. I started on March 24, 2014 and there is no turning back! I absolutely love this healthy, clean eating life style. Thanks Keisha for letting me join your group, I


Where do I begin? Keisha first became my inspiration for beginning the lifestyle change journey by her willingness to share her story. She then became my motivation by sharing her success and demonstrating how discipline looks. As if that wasn't enough she became my cheerleader and top supporter when I decided to follow her example. Keisha is a dedicated teacher, instructor and coach. She isn't willing to leave anyone behind. She wants you to have a healthy lifestyle that will have you feeling b

Shaquon Chestnutt

I think your doing a great job keep it up