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I am of the belief that you should be happy wherever you are, but always remain humble enough to recognize the need for change. And while I loved being a curvy, full-figured, confident woman - I also recognized the need to be healthy and fit! So like millions of other hopefuls, I tried everything! From trendy lemonade and syrup concotions to reputable companies teaching me how to count points. They all had a measure of success... for a minute. But the weight and old habits never failed to return, and often with a vengence.

Enter JJ Smith's 10-Day Green Smoothie Cleanse in all it's w
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Location:  College Park ,Maryland

Website: http://www.theGaptoothBeauty.com

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Tori Blackshear

My journey with the GSC was an enlightening experience. One that I plan to do again in a few weeks time. I've regained hope that I can accomplish anything with the encouraging support that La provided. There was never a day that I felt like I was texting "too many" questions? I am happy to say that I lost 4.75 inches & 10 pounds and hope to never see them again. I would recommend this Cleanse and My Coach ('La Jones') to everyone. Thanks La!

Dawn McDowell

I am so thank ful for La en couraging me to do the 10 day Greem Smoothie Challenge. Not only encouraging me to do it but supporting me all the way through. She keep it real sent me pics and was a constant encouragement. Thank You La for all of your help.

Elle Johnson

I really enjoyed my experience with La Jones as my coach. Like most people it takes me a while to get comfortable with a new routine. La was right there helping me to get acclimated to the program. Additionally, she would send encouraging messages to myself and my partner each day. She helped us to take it one day at a time and by day 4 I was feeling amazing! There were a few times I was tempted to eat something that was not on program, but La pulled me back from the ledge and at the end of the 10 days I was down 13 pounds and quite a few inches. Periodically, when I feel like I need it, I will go back on the cleanse for 10 days to give my body that necessary break it to revitalize. I recommend La constantly whenever I hear of someone looking to cleanse their body and lose weight. She's an awesome coach!

Sherri Turner

I had tried the cleanse several times by myself, but didn't get far. I had no idea there were a few adjustments I needed to make to equal success. La helped me identify those adjustments. I could NOT have done it without her! Her support was amazing and her encouragement was just what I needed.

Darrel Jenkins

I am truly happy with the final results of the 10 day green smoothie detox and encourage all individuals male or female, young or old to take and enjoy the healthy life changing experience. I am looking forward to My next time that I can do it but it has made me make better health choices now. I am still benefiting from the detox. Thank you soooooo much La Jones for your guidance, motivation and support. You are the best :) My measurements June 22nd. Weight 215.2 lbs Waist 40 inches Bust 41 1/2 inches Hips 43 1/2 inches My measurements July 1st Weight 206.2 lbs Waist 39 1/4 inches Bust 40 1/2 inches Hips 43 inches

Sharron Pimble

My experience with the GSC was Great! I regained my energy, loss inches & weight... I would recommend this Cleanse and My Coach ('La Jones') to everyone. Thanks La!