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Jameka Jones has lost three pant sizes since discovering the 10 Day Green Smoothie Cleanse (GSC).  She has gone from a size 16 to a size 10 and is still on her weight loss journey.  Jameka has a Bachelor’s of Science (B.S.) degree in Agricultural Sciences with an emphasis in Agribusiness and a Master's in Business Administration (MBA). She currently works fulltime at Lockheed Martin in the Finance and Business Organization; in addition to spending over 10 years in the Aerospace Defense Industry, she is a Certified GSC Leader and is curr
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Location:  Huntsville,AL

Website: http://jamekajones.wix.com/certifiedgscleader

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Lacole Clayton

Jameka provided me with all the information that I needed to improve my health. I joined with a couple of people who wanted to lose weight and improve health. During our 10 day challenge, I was amazed at the physical and mental results that I saw in myself and loved ones. Thank you Jameka for providing the tools for our success!!