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I was 320 pounds at my highest weight!. Although cute, I didn’t feel my best. I was drinking coffee by the boat loads to stay awake and have energy. I decided to take control of my life and made a major lifestyle change through healthy eating and exercise. I lost a total of 100 pounds and have kept off 70 pounds for 4 years….

Now it is time to write the next chapter in my holistic health journey. I joined a friend on the 10 Day Green Smoothie Cleanse, lost 11 pounds and felt rejuvenated! I was so inspired by my own results, I decided to become certified and help others
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Location:  Virginia Beach,VA

Website: http://www.facebook.com/ImAboutThatGreenLife

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Ramona Bond

Mickey is one of the most phenomenal inspiring leaders that I have encountered. She is a prime example of practice what you preach!! Mickey is attentive and compassionate about you personal goals. I only wanted to detox and lose a minimal amount of weight. I am normally on top of my way of living but have been so busy with work and travels that I actually fell off of my game. She was able to get me back on track which allowed me to reach my goal and to realign my mind, body and spirit to continue along a healthy way of living. I don't believe in the word "diet". If you break it down you are dying!!! I believe in a holistic approach to fit your lifestyle and keep you in divine alignment for your way of living. Mickey heard all of my request and encompassed all with my normal way of living!! She is the best with coaching and getting you back on track or on track with your personal goals to the road of infinite health!! I recommend Mickey for all. Luv u! Ramona

Yvonne Durham

I want to give Mickey a big thank you for helping me to reclaim my life and for getting me back on track in the quest to improve my health. For a long time I had shunned green drinks because they tasted awful and I didn't have anyone to guide me as to how to make these smoothies/drinks more palatable. I have lost a great deal of weight (up to 13 pounds now) and I feel great! I can sleep better too. For a long time, I suffered from insomnia...my doctor said it was due "to getting older". Wouldn'