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Jacqueline Benjamin  -  Location:  Monroe , Louisiana

Hello, I'm Jacqueline,  I am the very proud mother of twins, who before God blessed me with them, I was a small size 6/8.  Fast forward and for the next 25 years, my weight would increase close to 200 lbs and I wore a size 16.  I was depressed, fat, sick and tired. I tried to lose weight, diet pills, gym fees, fad diets.  Since starting the Green Smoothie Cleanse I am down to a size 10 and I am eating healthier than I ever have before and am enjoying life, looking better, feeling better and I have more energy...Blessings!

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Quanda Blagmon  -  Location:  Philadelphia , Pennsylvania


Hi my name is Quanda Blagmon, I was a thick chic who slimmed quick!

I'm here to help you get fit with a green sip! Hang with me for 10 Days and I'll show you how!


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Jewel Brockington  -  Location:  Brandywine , Maryland

My name is Jewel Brockington and I have over 5 years of health and wellness experience.  In 2014, my cousin told me about the 10 day Green Smoothie Cleanse (GSC) that her counsin JJSmith founded. I did the cleanse and was able to finally get rid of the unwanted pounds and inches. The 10 day GSC gave me more energy, mental clarity and got rid of my shoulder pain. I can help you remove the weight, get mental clarity, and get more energy. Give me 10 days and I will show you 10 ways to rejuvenate, and remove the weight. Ask my how...Ask me now! 

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Jacqueline Brookins  -  Location:  Jackson , Michigan

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Angela Carmouche  -  Location:  Pittsburg, Ca

Hello my name is Angela,

I want to let you in on a secret that is spreading fast around the world... GREEN is the new LEAN, Let's eat CLEAN Lose up to 15 pounds with JJ Smith's 10 day Green Smoothie Cleanse.

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Vannessa Crowder  -  Location:  Ofallon, IL

Hello I am Vannessa Crowder your GSC Certified Cheer Leader for the Southern Illinois and St. Louis, MO Area.

I know that losing weight is a hard thing, it was for me too.  But I can help change your life by creating a happier and healthier YOU!  I have been a part of the 10-Day Green Smoothie Cleanse Family since September 2014.  My starting weight was 298 (wow) and I have lost over 75 pounds with the clea

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Laticia Curtis-Towah Curtis-Towah  -  Location:  Essex , Maryland

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Dorissa Carnell   -  Location:  Sacramento, California

Hi, I'm Dorissa!  I'm that "WAISTed Chick",

representing the


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Tiffanie Deloach   -  Location:  Douglasville , Georgia

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Angela Dixon  -  Location:  Houston, Texas

Hello, my name is Angela Dixon. I am excited to be a GSC Certified Leader as my passion is to help, motivate and encourage others to reach their goals.

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